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SAVE THE DATE 12.11.2022 um 16 Uhr Talk im Massif Central Frankfurt / Kunst & Recht. a conversation series, Dr. Cornelia Gersch & Nadine Ethner


INTERVIEW // Nadine Ethner & Anna Rösch with Agentur Medienlabor for BPW


Our experiences and memories are infused with images and feelings and photographers are able to capture the essence of the ephemeral in their images. Our mission at VTph editions honours their work—to expose their ‘visual thoughts’ to the world and for you to be able to view and possess an act of creation.

Artists and photographers all over the world are constantly observing and processing the environment –  they capture zeitgeist and history through a lens. Artists make visible the changes and great transformational processes in the world. 

Apart from the gallery, studio and art fair visits, we bring their inspiring pieces to market for an online audience.

VTph editions sets high standards in seeking the best works from both new and renowned photographers and artists. We are collaborating with artists who have regular exhibitions in galleries, institutions and museums. These artists are often living in residencies around the globe, exploring their new artistic projects. 

We’re proud to present their beautiful pieces to new and established collectors and buyers who value artistic visions. We sell to clientele who have a deep interest in meaningful art whether in their photography collection or simply for their homes. The photography we offer is like an authentic statement that goes beyond trends and decor. It is timeless.

We also want to promote contemporary photography and artistic positions and inspire through our editorials and behind-the-scenes stories. Our site is like a multi-lens camera, providing a diverse range of insights into the artist’s process and their studios as well as makers, curators, art advisors, collectors, and the people working with art and photography. 

Nadine Ethner is the founder and visionary behind this idea. For Nadine, artists unveil the hidden, making visible the unseen. They tell us stories of time and space, people and places, as well as emotional, political and social states of mind—pursuing modes of being where others would not normally go. They enrich our world.

Prior to this venture, Nadine founded VTph magazine—-an online magazine that would link art lovers, photographers, galleries and institutions. 

Nadine has lived and worked in Rome for seven years and travelled through Japan, India, Europe, and North Africa. She studied art and design in Germany & Italy (Rome) and has been immersed in the photographic world and in the craft of creation. In her professional life, Nadine has always collaborated with other artists, designers, institutions, cultural associations as well as a diverse array of companies, agencies, and teams from different fields including e-commerce, publishing houses, travel, and automotive. Now, she brings both worlds together.

Freelance art advisors and curators provide special recommendations through their experience and knowledge in their respective areas of expertise, varying and supplementing the selection.

Lena Fließbach is a freelance curator and writer for contemporary art, as well as an expert on the topic of sustainability in the art and cultural scene. For many years she has been developing exhibition concepts and interdisciplinary programs for various institutions such as Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart, Stiftung Reinbeckhallen Berlin, Ocean.Now! or Urania Berlin. She co-curated the international group exhibition Zero Waste, Museum der bildenden Künste (MdbK), Leipzig, 2020, which minimized and made transparent her own carbon footprint. Since then, she has worked as a mentor and speaker on sustainability in the cultural sector. Currently, her exhibition Silent Spring can be seen at Galerie im Körnerpark in Berlin. Lena Fließbach studied art history, modern history and Latin American studies in Berlin and Granada (Spain). In Berlin, she was responsible for the photography archive and the realization of exhibition projects and publications for Donata and Wim Wenders, as well as for the exhibition program of the Galerie im Turm.

As an independent art consultant, art historian and art advisor Julia Rosenbaum helps people find the right artwork and make the right purchase decision. Julia Rosenbaum (*1978) studied art history, classical archaeology and education in Berlin and Rome. She has been working for Deutsche Bank's art department since 2005. With Rosenbaum Art Advisory, she advises private individuals and companies on acquisitions, collection development and other activities related to contemporary art. As an independent art historian, she curates exhibitions, offers exclusive studio visits and moderates talks with artists and curators.

Anna Rösch, the Co-Founder of VTph, comes straight from the social entrepreneurship sphere where she spent many years building and consulting numerous start-ups in addition to working as a consulting expert in business finance, operations, and analytics. She studied sociology and economics in Konstanz and, at one time, lived in an artist project house in Bangkok. Her intention is to open the art market to new, progressive collectors who have a strong sensibility for the up and coming.

Nomination for 6th place in the competition Business Plan Wettbewerb Berlin/Brandenburg 2021 in category product